Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First few Days in Dublin 4

I am terribly blessed, alhamdulilah

it's been a while, I know but I'm not much of a blogger myself so I'll just try my best to update as frequent as possible.

1. UCD is AWESOME, it's everything as I imagined. only WAY, HEAPS better! Alhamdulilah. the fact that euro is used here makes purchases better of experiences. I for one, thinks EU did oen heck of a COOL job. :)

2. There's a lot of Muslim communities here in Dublin which is like the BEST THING EVER! not to mention easier search for halal food and stronger brotherhood/sisterhood ukhwah. always proud to be Muslim.

3.  The cold weather is a WHOLE NEW experience for me and I'm 'recalibrating' as efficiently as I possibly can. Take that a mental picture that I'm like a GPS machine for cars, leading my way to readjust and point at the correct places. COLD is nearly an ancient, obsolete word in my vocab rite now, coz it's supposed to be SUPERBLY WELL AIR-CONDITIONED at natural pace. :)

4. life goes on as it is. I met a few new friends, supportive ones and I'm blessed to even be here. They're all brilliant people and I envied them so much, which kinda makes me wanna IMPROVE myself even more. Being M'sian has its own perks, but perhaps I should really find more international friends during my stay here. Why not? I'm NOT racist. Nope, not at all. Everyone is equal. 

5. Fresh new ideas and experiences are conceived rather well here, since everything is relatively FOREIGN for a while. maybe I'll get bored soon, but in the meantime I should really enjoy and be grateful for all the things to come, whether it's for better or for worse. insya Allah. :)

wait, more to come. I'll be updating as I please so no worries and of course, no need to complain. I need to learn uploading exciting pics for the next updates. (ASAP!)

Gossip Garcon, signing out!



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