Monday, August 17, 2009

i think i'm in luv wif the WORMS
unfortunately, not everyone like them as i do
it's not their fault at all, i understand
worms are gross, disgusting, smelly, squirmy n the bad list goes on
spreading lies and horrid facts abour the harmless creatures
being biased is good sometimes but they shudn't juz judge the worms like dat
they're extremely harmless, n they won't bite ur fingers off do they?
they produce priceless fertilisers for da growth of greenery in kmb
i salute our very own CEO, Fakarul Azim who thrived his best to annul all those senseless accusations regarding to this harmless creatures.
we're trying our best to recruit more n more members who're interested to invest on this profitable creations of Allah

plants need fertilisers to grow healthily juz like us
the worms assist the balance of nature from the basic fundamentality of soil
all humans are made from dirty n smelly soil
we're not as competent as GEM n as lucrative as QIZZ
but we'll try our best to help Mother Nature

only few came to register as members n i appreciate their ingenuity and persistence
i luv to harvest the fertilisers n sell them back including the worms
there's only 8 of us now, no gurls are interested to join yet.....

pity the worms. Insya Allah, we'll have a brighter future.

-Gossip Garcon-


nadd said...

selamat berpuasaaaaa ali-imran..

~QwertyBlurR~ on August 23, 2009 at 12:05 AM said...

x mkn??? matila.... (Suara upin&ipin)

shah said...

ahah, nie utk worms ko, vacancy as yet available rite, thinking of partake myself into tht...qizz mhl sgt, will do kn.

Gossip Garcon on August 29, 2009 at 9:08 PM said...

kpd shah, thanx la sgt nk support
ak dh agak, rmai la gak yg ckp qizz mhl
kitorg pn tgh sket org ni
participation anda sgt la dialukn
xyah tunggu2 lagi la


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