Saturday, August 22, 2009

ramadhan al-mubarak is already here!!!

i am a MUSLIM, alhamdulilah
this is the first day of ramadhan
like commencing a religious journal of my own
writing the words of wisdom, i like the rest.....

i kno, dat my tummy had been workin 24/7 for 11 whole months
and it need plentiful of rest for a whole month
Islam is wonderful to cherish us wif this mesmerizing month

well, as u all might (already) know
hope n expextations are high during this month
sweat, hunger, thirst n refrain of sins are obligable throught the month
as a humble servant to Allah

the gates of Jannah is swung open as wide as possible
while the gates of an-Nar is closed shut wif the syaitans restrained
is is a matter of nafsu or aqal? for us to choose not to fast?
then we're bot enuff to be proclaimed as Muslim!
for us to remain in our fullest strength and spirits to survive the Ramadhan
people had already been singing Hari Raya songs even before the fasting started
instead of reading the Holy Quran n going to the Terawih....

it's rather shameful, not delighting on the presence of this holy month
full of oppurtunities for pahalas, terawih, tadarus, majlis ilmu n so much more
let us not waste our ramadhan without a stint of effort
to make suer that our fasting wont be futile
the smell of a fasting soul is equal to the smell of rosess in jannah

empty and nothingness, is unavoidable in our hearts
but Allah had reminded us that the pleasures of Ramadhan are highly anticipated
-first, when we break our fast mediocrely
-and secondly, when we met our Creator, Allah S.W.T

what are we waiting for?
less fret and more actions to show our obedience to Allah Almighty
especially to all KMB students

salam Ramadhan,
-Gossip Garcon-



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