Monday, August 17, 2009

i'm new but i'm lethal

being a first year isn't enuff for me as a wanderer in life
strange things await for a rural place here in BANTING. where is here actually?
where lonely dim walkways transverse quietly with lush greenery, (plus-minus the haze)
i made my journey an exciting one for sure. n i know i'm destined for success
torture is inevitable, though juz two years it's almost blasphemic
meeting new various sorts of homo sapiens registering during da first day in da most wondrous manners is quite taunting. (Sbh+Srwk+Kelate+Ganu+Kay Ell+etc mcm2 pe'el da...)
i have a new set of giggling frens by my side, most of them are hysterically fun, alhamdulillah
M09T is simply a name for all the residents to be identified as Ts according to the venerable Miss Loh during one of the mind-splittingly good TOK classes (instead of S'ses, u kno wat i mean) Is it he truth? Is it the fact? Justify ur answers.

Now let us get to kno our teachers personally one-on-one
~Mrs. Musliza is a very knowledgeable lady, with traits so formidable her one glance can petrify all of us into solitude oblivion. She loves to undermine people with her brilliant sarcasm n always complete wif lots of advices in class. Alhamdulillah, may our Bio survived with lots of 7s.
~Next in da line is our lovely Mrs. Surinam who diligently taught us both Pure Math n Stat effortlessly, well, it can be hell for us 9da subject) but she made us so exhilarated for her classes. brilliant students who can cope will assist the other not-so-quick frens inside our harmonious class. i'm so blessed to be inside this class! she always said "Math is so beautiful but it's juz you to explore it" maybe she's right maybe she's also truthfully right? nobody really knows.
~then, Miss Fazila came into da pic with her elegant style and surreal beauty teaching us the wonders of Chem from the basic to da uncertainties beyond. Molarities, concentrations plus RMM is a must-have inside our brain including other full lexicons of distinguished chemical terminologies to be stuffed in our brain. Juz to test u're focused or not, ain't she?
~Miss Mariam Nabilah is a superior lady on her own rights, preposterous English is rather unacceptable for her cynism. she's a very sarcastic lady when dealing with a few ignorant students of hers, and she MEANT everything she said. but, i wud gave her Outstanding for her chivalrous efforts to make us in love with anglais in da first place. The power pf words! Oh, poo!
~then, (oh i'm already tired typing) the journey continued wif Pn. Siti Fatimoh. Saya rasa patut gune bhs Melayu la kot on this part. Syok giler, beliau merupakn seorg cikgu yg sgt berdedikasi dlm kejenye memartabatkn bhs melayu. tu je kot. xleh komen byk2. sebab cikgu kitorg sume trus dilantik jd Ahli Parlimen n ADUN. Trimas cikgu! Idup Melayu! Idup PAS!
~finally, our loveable Mrs. Azlinda with her fully-sporting approach to open conversation in a very satirical ways. she managed to make our brains working, wats playing behind the scene of IT and its effects on the GS? even dis blog is computer-interfaced and we need to learn how stuffs work n it was a very exciting feeling for all of us especilally Qasim.

i think dats all for starters. wait for more juicy details after this...
-Gossip Garcon-



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